Hassle Free Marketing Solutions

Getting your marketing on target


Script Writing

We can write a script for any marketing campaign that will be guaranteed to get the results you need.


We can train your own in house team to make your marketing calls count. We train them on how deliver your script to get the results you want

We can also supply telemarketers so that you can concentrate more on servicing your clients in the way you know best.

Database/Call List

Need a quantified list of prospects to call instead of just spraying and praying? We can create a list to your specifications depending on your target market.

Marketing Audits

Struggling to implement an effective ongoing long term marketing strategy? 

With over 20yrs experience in marketing we can design a personalised marketing strategy to help your business grow.

Online Marketing

Whether it be websites, social media. blog writing, or video. Whatever your online marketing needs are we have you covered.

Animated Videos

Are you looking for a cutting edge way to market your business or a creative way to reach your audience? Then Animated videos can certainly achieve that.

Whether it is to explain a product or service or explain a complex concept, animated videos will keep your audience captivated.

 $3,300 - $8,800 includes: 60 second to 4 minute motion graphic animation, lifetime hosting, dedicated project manager, script writing, storyboard, professional voiceover and soundtrack.