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Since 1996 Greg has helped small, medium and large businesses to gain repeat business through a range of marketing strategies mainly telemarketing. He has helped businesses from a wide range of industries including: security, web design, financial services, painting and decorating, print media, business coaching, real estate, as well as a number of charities.

Having been born with a rare neural tube defect known as Spina Bifida, Greg was one of the first people with a disability to grow up in an inclusion society, starting his schooling at Berkeley Vale Primary School on the Central Coast of NSW. He was a very active sports person, swimming 3 days a week and going to the gym 3 days a week while growing up. Greg has competed for NSW in swimming at numerous national and international events including National Wheelchair Games and Pan Pacific School Games. Greg is also a trained professional speaker on the topics of overcoming adversity and marketing.

When Greg is not helping businesses increase their client base and better service their existing clients, he is busy caring for his girlfriend who also has spina Bifida as well has a number of other health issues including a terminal condition known as Syringomyelia ( a fluid build up on a section of the spinal cord and brain causing the brain to herniate and be pushed down into the spinal cord).